The Poetic Death Series revolve around the on-going adventures of a thirty-something American school teacher visiting the English Lake District. Grace Hollister is a woman who prides herself on her common sense and her well-organized life, a woman who would always choose to splurge on books before Blahniks—well, most of the time. She does have that secret yen for the bad boys of Romantic poetry.

A great deal of research goes into the series, both on the English Lake District and on the poetry and personalities of the Romantics, but these books are not intended to be weighty tomes of erudite research. The plan was—and is—to combine adventure and mystery (and yes, a bit of romance) with my own passion for literature. I wanted to seduce readers who might not otherwise check out these marvelous works and writers, into taking a peek. I’ve tried to cram each book with intriguing tidbits, the kind of thing that would interest non-academics too, as well as snippets of poesy. (By the way, each novel begins with a prolog death scene of the book’s featured Romantic poet—hence the series name.)

Essentially about an ordinary everywoman involved in extraordinary circumstance again and again and again. Naturally Grace’s adventures change her (I think for the better), though some readers will find her a slow learner. (Surely by now she should have noticed that the village of Innisdale is a VERY dangerous place to live.) I have a lot of fun with the series, and I hope you will too!

The books in the series, in chronological order, are:

High Rhymes and Misdemeanors

Verse for a Vampyre

Sonnet of the Sphinx

Docketful of Posey

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