Verse of a Vampyre


Now working on her sabbatical Grace becomes a kind of technical advisor to a local theatrical production of a play called The Vampyre, a really awful play based on a snippet of story by Lord Byron.

Right on schedule mysterious accidents begin to plague the players, and it’s only a matter of time before one of the cast falls victim.

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"Even if you don't usually care for cozies, this light satire on the genre is fun and a fast read. The characters are engaging, as well as the situations."

-- Barbara Franchi, Reviewing the Evidence

"The second in the series stands well on its own. Vivid description of a fox hunt makes the reader feel as though she were in the thick of the action, no matter how she feels about this controversial sport, while references to vampire literature and the literary figures of Byron, Shelley and others of that era give the novel extra depth and richness and puts it above the typical amateur sleuth mystery."

-- Roberta Austin, Murder and Mayhem Bookclub

Verse of a Vampyre

(Poetic Death #2)

May 2014, Girl Detective

Available in ebook and audio.
Print coming soon.

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