Sonnet of the Sphinx


Engimatic love interest Peter Fox's past comes back to haunt him. Meanwhile Grace is on the hunt for a lost sonnet by Romantic poet Percy Shelley and the solution to dashing World War II soldier's disappearance...

"Author Diana Killian seems well aware of the limitations of this sleepy genre, but goes full speed ahead anyway, enlivening things with her own brand of electricity. Armed only with talent, an obvious affection for her characters, and a very strong story-telling gene, she has fashioned another entertaining mystery in her Poetic Death series which will definitely keep you up reading late into the spooky night."

-- Yvette Banek for Mystery Ink

"This cozy mystery stays true to the genre, offering readers a clever plot and interesting characters. The literary references and brief quotes from poems adds a delightful touch of class, while the love interest between Grace and Peter warms the pages with a pleasant tingle. Although a sequel, this story can stand alone, thanks to the background information that is smoothly slipped into the narrative.Lyrical, yet with the perfect dash of lethal, Sonnet of the Sphinx is an engaging and well written mystery."

-- In the Library Reviews

"The back story in Sonnet of the Sphinx is fascinating and illustrates Killian's notable ability to interleave literary fact into a novel of fiction.
The ending comes as something of a surprise though in retrospect it shouldn't have been since Killian cleverly interjects telling clues throughout. The epilogue serves as a cliffhanger of sorts. Will there be a fourth Poetic Death mystery? If so, will it take place in Cumbria? And where is Grace's increasingly complex relationship with the mysterious Peter Fox heading? Another literary adventure with Grace Hollister would certainly help resolve these undecided issues."

-- Hidden Staircase Mystery Books

" In Sonnet of the Sphinx, Killian maintains the high quality of writing praised by critics in her earlier works. She manages to maintain the action of the plot, create empathetic characters, realistic settings and intriguing mysteries, while still including substantial literary information about the Lake Poets. She manages to integrate this research so well, that the pacing of the plot is unaffected."

--Janelle Martin for

Sonnet of the Sphinx

(Poetic Death #3)

April 2014, Girl Detective

Available in ebook and audio.
Print coming soon.

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