By the Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea

Diana will be at Bouchercon in Long Beach November 12th through 16th. She will probably be stuck in her hotel room working on the book due next week, but she will definitely make it to her panel on Friday.

It's called Make 'Em Laugh: Balancing the Lows of Loss with the Highs of Humor, and it will be moderated by Terry Shames. Joining Diana on the panel will be fellow authorsMelodie Campbell, Sharon Fiffer, Sue Ann Jaffarian and Helen Smith.

The panel will be held Friday, November 14 from 11:30 to 12:30 Shoreline, with a signing to follow immediately afterward.

Se Habla Espanol

Well, no actually we don't. But that's okay because we're not the ones doing the Spanish translation of High Rhymes and Misdemeanors. Rosa Sanz is our translator. Verses y faltas should be available pretty much everywhere in December. Feliz Navidad!

Print and Be Damned

A couple of years ago we wrangled the rights to The Poetic Death Series back from Pocket, and we are now busily making those books available to you again in digital, print and audio. So far we have digital and audio -- we're still working on print. To our regret this series is unlikely to be carried through our favorite indie bookstores. This is because the books are being produced through Createspace, and Createspace is an Amazon company, and you know how indie booksellers feel about Amazon.

Sadly, this is the reality: Createspace is simply the most practical and economic way to make these books available again. That said, you should be able to order the books through your favorite indie bookseller if you have the correct title and ISBN.

Now Hear This

Have you discovered the pleasure of audio books? Having a story read aloud -- and read well -- is one of those childhood pleasures that actually translates quite well into adult life. Need something to listen to while you garden or drive to work or do the dishes or file papers or knit or...?

All of Diana's existing books are going into audio. The Mantra for Murder series is being read by award-winning narrator Lauren Fortgang. Corpse Pose, the first in the series, is available right now through

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Lake District... Our first priority was to get the Poetic Death Mysteries into audio -- narrated by the delightful Saskia Maarleveld -- and that goal is nearly met. We're listening to the final files on Dockeful of Poesy right now. The series is available through, but you can buy High Rhymes and Misdemeanors for the staggeringly low introductory price of $1.99 through

Hello, We Must Be Going

Hello! Thank you for stopping by our new website!

Of course the obvious news is that there *is* a new website. We've decided to split Diana Killian from Girl-Detective. Girl Detective, with its focus on female-centric mystery and crime related content, will be annexed by The Thrilling Detective Web Site and Diana's site will be all about Diana.

All Diana all the Time. Yes, it does give one pause for thought.

Click to Receive Our Newsletter

Have you signed up for our new Diana Killian newsletter? This will be a quarterly newsletter, so no worries about a lot of blah-blah-blah cluttering your mailbox. And yes, there will be news.

Consider the Lillies of the Field

Is Diana still writing? Whatever happened to Diana Killian? This is a question we get a lot. Yes, Diana is still writing -- she never stopped writing -- but her writing took her away from cozy mystery and romantic-suspense. While she still feels great affection for these genres, she is not currently toiling nor spinning in these fields. That said, she has every intention of finishing both the Mantra for Murder series and the Poetic Death mysteries with one final book. (Er...that will be one final book for each series, not one final book where Grace and A.J.'s worlds collide -- though that is an entertaining thought!) We can't give you a timeline on when that will happen, but it *will* happen.

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